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Pharmacy management system project in php with source code

The pharmacy management system project in php with source code is Paid Version with 100% tested error-free project useful for academic and commercial use purposes.

Some people also call it medical store management system project in php with source code.

Now a day's Information Technology plays a great role in different fields. This " Pharmacy Management System" is based on computer technology that gives service to users. This is an "Online Pharmacy Management System " which gives access to manage various aspects of pharmacy like Medicine stock, sales, customers, staff, suppliers, reports, etc.  Each of these aspects is very important. This system stores data and enables functionalities to organize and maintain the medications.  This system has effective features like showing medicines that are low in stock, also medicines that are expired and generating invoices for each sale in which the invoice can be printed also. Inventory management is very easy as when the sale is generated stock gets updated as per the sale and no need to maintain stock manually.

In this system, customer details can be saved and also can be changed whenever needed. Similarly, supplier details can be saved and also can be changed whenever needed. Medicines' information is also can be stored.

Here we can see All the medical records are given with their categories, price, and available quantity. Also, we can see low stock and expired medicines are highlighted.  This module has the provision to add medicine, also we can change medicine details and delete medicine records if needed.

The above picture shows the provision to generate sale record. As we can see total is calculated as per price and quantity and by clicking on "continue to sale" Sale will be generated with a printable invoice.

Also, this system provides reports which make it easy to find any record of sale, purchase, customer and expired medicines. That replaces the old method of keeping registers for these records.

Another provision in this system is to add staff and assign permissions to them. So that staff can have access to limited features and work can be differentiated very easily.

This web application is easy to understand and easy to handle by anyone. This application is simply made to replace old methods of keeping a paper file for records and checking stock availability, medicine expiry dates manually. This framework is worked for purpose of guaranteeing viable information storing just as perfect work on the medical products. This is the easy to understand application for drug specialists which diminishes burden and help to manage various segments like medication management, Billing, and so on.

Different Modules Included in this system are :  

1) Dashboard

2) Medicinals ->

• Manage - Add, Edit, Delete

• Out stock - Add, Edit, Delete

• Expired - Add, Edit, Delete

3) POS  

4) Sales - Add sale, PDF

5) Categories - Add, Edit, Delete

6) Suppliers - Add, Edit, Delete

7) Customers - Add, Edit, Delete

8) Users  ->  

• Add user, Edit, Delete

• Roles - Add, Edit

9) Reports ->

• Sales Report

• Purchase Report

• Customer Report

• Purchase Expiry report

10) Settings


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