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Free Garment Management System Source Code|Academic Project Download

Dhanashree Kshirsagar (

our existing code is, we started the member who purchase an order. and from him we goes upside. So considering as this condition, we can set levels from bottom to top. So if Mr.A is newbie then this condition is apply already With the change in the trend in fashion market Readymade Garment have become very popular. Most of the people used to wear Ready made Garment Shop|Academic Project Download have become very popular. Most of the people used to wear Readymade Garment in case of time saving activity. Especially ladies have taken very much interest in new designs and fashionable garments.

New fashion designers made new trend designs to attract customers and mostly to female customers. They like to wear new fashion cloths or new look of garment. There are various types of dresses which are very reasonable to general or ordinary people.

In modern business every business should be given greater importance whether it has be in the nature of large, middle, small scale industry. The various important things are in Readymade Garment Shop.

In today’s large competition it is essential to know one’s market position. A successful organization has to know its strength and weakness and, in the market, along with Readymade Garment. Market study stimulates need by taking appropriate steps for remaining defects in its marketing effect.

The is need of industry to have systematic software which will make their work smoother and more accurate. So, I developed Project which have following options :


# Dashboard
- Total Order Count
- Delivered Order Count
- Pending Order Count
- Total Dresses available for Rent - Count
- Pending rent dresses Count
- Recent Arrivals Count

# Orders
· New Order 
- Customer Info
- Customer Name
- Email Address
- Order Create Date
- Cell Number
- Order Delivery Date
- Customer Address

· All Order List 
- Order Ref
- Customer Name
- Cell Number
- Amount
- Exists Customer
- Status
- Action – Update/Edit, Details/Delivery, Invoice Print
# Rent Management
· Add Dress 
- Dress Info
- Dress Name
- Purchased Date
- Rent Per Day

· Rent Dress 
- Select Customer Name
- Select Dress by Name
- Rate
- Quantity
- Amount
- Order Create Date
- Dress receiving Date
- Advance Amount
- Discount Amount

# Payment Management
· Manage Payment 
- Search Customer by Name
- Can See Last Payment Date
- Total Due
- Action – Payment Details and Update Payment

# User Management
· User Management
· User Roll Management

# Reports
- Sales Report
- Rent Report

# Setting
· Email Setting
· Language Setting
· Appearance Setting
· Tax Setting

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