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Online Exam PHP and Android Source code|Academic Project Download

Online Exam Android Source Code program is employed for running online objective evaluation, the evaluation is going to be customized that the system will possess automatic checking of answers depending on the user interaction. This project aids the faculties to produce their own evaluation depending on the topic. This also assists the education to carry out online lecture, test paper like the academic performance of these students can be raised and can choose the feedback from the students and parents. Exam process is quite helpful for both Educational Institute to prepare an examination, safe for time which will take to confirm the paper and prepare markers sheets. It helps the Institute to examining of students and develop their own abilities. However, the significance of the system, it requires a great deal of times if you prepare for the examination at the first period for use. And we're needs number of computers with exactly the identical variety of students.

# Following module details are related 

Online Exam System in PHP and MYSQL

Admin Panel
Dashboard – Reactivate assessment
Department > 
i) Add Department
ii) Manage Department – edit, delete
Class > 
i) Add Classes
ii) Manage Classes – edit, delete
Subjects > 
i) Add Subject
ii) Manage Subject – edit, delete
Teachers > 
i) Add Teachers
ii) Manage Teachers – edit, delete
iii) Import Teachers
Student > 
i) Add Student
ii) Manage Student – edit, delete, view
iii) Import Student  
Examination > 
i) Add examination
ii) Manage Examination – edit, Make Active/Inactive, Show exam students, View
Exam, Add question, Print result, Re-activate assessment, Delete
Generate QP > Generate QP, View QP, View Answer sheet
Study Material > 
i) Add Study Material
ii) Manage Study Material – Edit, Make Active/Inactive, View Material, Delete
Video Material > 
i) Add video Material
ii) Manage Video Material – View video, Delete
Notice > 
i) Add notice
ii) Manage Notice – delete
Institute Info

Student Panel :
Examination > 
i) Past Examination
ii) Current Examination – Take Exam
iii) Future Examination
Assessment Record
Study Material – View

Staff Panel :
Dashboard – Reactivate assessment
Examination > 
i) Add Examination
ii) Manage Examination - edit, Make Active/Inactive, View Exam, Add question,
Print result, Re-activate assessment, Delete

# Online Exam Android app and MYSQL


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