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Accounting & billing software for small businesses full source code |Academic Project Download

This is best accounting and billing software suitable billing software for retail shop, billing software for small business, billing software for retail shop for pc. This is full billing software demo.  


this software is useful for all type of businesses which are services based.  

following are the all features, modules of the billing software :

1) Dashboard
2) Customer management -  Add customer, Edit, Delete, Import CSV
3) Service management - Add service, Edit, Delete
4) Billing management - Add Billing, Edit, Send SMS, Delete, Invoice, Payment
5) Expense management - Add expense
6) Fund Transfer - Add Fund transfer
7) User/Bank management - Add user/bank, Edit, Delete, payment
8) User Permissions  
i) Assign role
ii) View role - create group, Delete.
9) Settings
i) Appearance settings
ii) Email settings
10) Reports  
• Pending Amounts
• Paid amounts
• Bank transfer reports
• Virtual bank transfer reports


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Good you are a best programer

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