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Salon management system project in php | Php projects with source code

Salon management system project  is designed for handling a hair salon.  This program keeps track of all of the activities which are carried on daily the salon.  It keeps information storage and customer billing.  This system that is totally equipped handles the performance of a hair salon.

It’s Beauty parlour management system using php and mysql which will help you to plan, monitor and manage your parlour with complete control and real-time visibility. Barbour and Billing management in real time. The admin need to login through application and can access features like :

1) Dashboard
2) Department - add, edit, delete
3) Barbour - add, edit, delete
4) Schedule - add, edit, delete
5) New appointment
6) Search appointment - details
7) Staff - add, details, edit, delete
8) Notice board - edit notice board
9)User management >  
i) Manage users - add, edit, delete
ii) Manage roles - add, edit, delete
10)General settings
11)Email settings

Please note this is not Free source code. You require to invest few dollars to grab this source code.

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