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Laundry booking management system in php with source code

Laundry businesses now use a manual method for administration and managing crucial data.  The present system requires numerous paper forms, with data stores spread across the laundry direction infrastructure.  Frequently information is incomplete or does not follow direction criteria.  Records are usually lost in transit during computation requiring an extensive auditing process to ensure that no very important information is missing.  Numerous copies of the same information exist at the laundry firm data and might lead to inconsistencies in data in various data stores.

We present the design and execution of a laundry database management system (LBMS) used in a laundry establishment.  Laundry firms are often faced with difficulties in maintaining detailed records of client’s clothes; this little difficulty as seen to the majority of laundry companies is tremendously discouraging as customers are filled with disappointments, originating from issues such as customer clothing mix-ups and untimely retrieval of clothes.  This program intends to determine the number of clothes collected, regarding their owners, as this also helps the users adjust a date for the group of their clothes.  Additionally, customer's data is procured, as a particular id is allocated per registration to avoid contrasting information.

This information normally involves; customer private information and clothes documents history, user information, cost of sending and delivery date, user scheduling as regards client’s details and concessions in service rendered, also our goods bundle waiting list.  All of this information must be handled in an efficient and cost-wise fashion so the organization resources may be efficiently utilized.

The admin needs to login through application and can access features like :


User Management  
i) Add User  
ii) View User - Edit & Delete

Customer Management
i) Add Customer
ii) View Customer - Edit & Delete

Order Management
i) Add Order
ii) Manage Order - Change Status, Edit & Delete

i) Today's Delivery Report
ii) Pending Orders - Change Status

i) Add services
ii) View services - Delete

User Permissions
i) Assign Role
ii) View Role - Edit

i) Appearance Management
ii) Email Management


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