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Hotel management system project in PHP and MySQL | Source code for academic project download 2021

Hotel management system project in PHP and MySQL | Source code for academic project download 2021

Many people love travelling  and exploring the world. While travelling, one needs to book hotel rooms for staying in the new city. And in this way hotel industries are expanding day by day. Like any other industries hotel businesses are also taking advantage of digital technologies for easy management and  business growth. There can be so many activities perfored in hotel on daily basis like taking new customers details, booking room for customers, checking which rooms are available, calculating amount to be paid by customer as per the room, and so on. Managing all these activities can be difficult. So this " Hotel Booking Management System " is designed to automate the work in the hotels and save information with more accuracy. This " Hotel Booking Management System " is a web based application that is designed with variety of features which will help in managing the hotel activities. 


In the customer details section admin can save details of customer and in case any data needs to be changed then that can be performed with the use of edit function. 

Fig. Add customer form

Above picture depicts add customer form where we can see all the essential details of customer can be saved. 

Another section i.e. Room details section is present in the system where admin can register rooms available in the hotel with details like room no, floor no., room type and fares for that room.

The most important section in the system is room booking . In that section  room booking details can be saved for customers. 

Fig. Room booking form

Above image shows room booking form where details can be filled and room can be booked for customer. Along with room booking payment management is also provided where total amount gets automatically calculated according to the room fare . These payment details are saved with time to keep track of payment history of customers.

As Hotels can have bars for cutomers. and customers may buy drinks from that bar. So one more section is given in the system as bar details, where admin can register drinks available in the bar and customer can buy the drinks. The invoice will be generated for those drinks with automated calculation for the customer. The payment reports of these drink invoice are also maintained in this system. 

Similar to Bar , Another section provided as restaurant. In this section admin can save food items available in the restaurant. And invoice can be generated when customer buys  the food from the restaurant. Here also payment records are managed properly. 

To keep track of all the records and details, Separate section is given as " Reports ". Where any record can be found easily.

Fig. Dashboard

Above figure is given for dashboard which gives short information about the data present in the sytem. And calendar given on this dashboard is useful to immediately find the dates of room booking.

Following are the module details of the system.

  • Dashboard
  • User Management > i) Add Role
  • ii) View Role - Edit , Delete
  • iii) Add User
  • iv) View User - Edit , Delete
  • Customer details > i) Add Cuatomer
  • ii) View Customer - Edit , Delete
  • Room Details > i) Add Room
  • ii) View Room - Edit , Delete
  • Currency details > i) Add currency 
  • ii) View Currency -  Edit , Delete
  • Room Booking details > i) Add booking
  • ii) View booking - Edit, Payment, Released, Delete
  • Bar Details > i) Add drink
  • ii) View drink - Edit , Delete
  • iii) Add drink payment invoice
  • iv) Drink payment invoice - Payment, Invoice, Edit , Delete
  • v) Drink report payment 
  • Restaurant > i) Add food
  • ii) View food- Edit , Delete
  • iii) Add food payment invoice 
  • iv) Food payment invoice - Payment, Invoice, Edit , Delete
  • v) Food report payment
  • Tax details > i) Add Tax
  • ii) View Tax - Edit , Delete
  • Reports > i) Customer report
  • ii) Booking Report
  • iv) Payment Report
  • v) Reserved Rooms 
  • vi) Print Invoice
  • vii) Paid/ Unpaid Reservations
  • Settings > i) Appearance settings
  • ii) Download database

This is not a free source code. For purchasing source code kindly contact admin.

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