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Coaching class management software 2021 | Tuition centre management system | Full Source code project

This tuition management system is a web- based application designed for handling the activities that takes place inside the coaching centers. This coaching class management system is a best solution for dealing with an administration. In other words, this software for classes is an upgraded tool that helps with getting sorted out the everyday activities of the institute. In the current framework, all the work is done manually and all the information is put away by utilizing documents and registers. The record of each student, courses, staff are taken care of manually. On the off chance that we need to get any student's data then all the information can not be found in one record in particular. There is need to search loads of records and document registers. In the event that we need to check any student's information like update or delete the information then it is extremely hard to look through all the records. Additionally it is very time consuming process. Same case happens to staff. This tuition class management system can overcome all these problems.

This coaching institute management system has superadmin panel, where superadmin can manage the branches of the institute. Super admin can add branch information like location details, contact details, GST details, login details, etc. This branch record then gets created and superadmin can later update or delete this data if needed. Superadmin can also GST reports in his panel. On the dasboard of superadmin panel. summary of data of all the branches can be seen.

In the branch board or panel, all the information related to that branch is managed. In courses & batch section of this board, admin of this panel can register batches. Also admin can add courses information like course name, duration, fees, etc. These batch and courses records later can be updated or deleted if required. 

Admin of this board can also manage the staff members. Admin can add staff members information like personal information, contact information, designation, salary, etc. Admin can also manage attendance of these staff members. Staff salary records are also managed in this section itself. Admin has the permission here to update or delete these records. 

As there will be people coming for enquiry in coaching institute before taking admission, Manage enquiry section is given in this coaching class software, where enquiry records can be added with details like personal information, contact information, address information, and course details. Enquiry can also be added in bulk with the help of excel upload function.

Another most important section provided in this board of coaching management software is student management. In this section students information like admission type, personal information, contact information, address information and course details can be registered. 


Fig. Student registration form

Above picture shows the student registration form. This section also manages data of trial students. Along with registration part, this section maintaince the attendance details of all students. List of passout students is shown seperately in this section in this coaching institute management software

In the fees management section of this board, Fees records will be given and handled. It also fee reminder function.  Along with the progress, it's important to manage expenses, so expense management module is given there for handling expense records. 

For finding any record easily, it's important to have reports of them. In reports section of this board, reports like fee report, GST report, Expense report, student reports are provided. 

Fig. Dashboard of Branch Panel

Above picture shows the dashboard of the branch board of this coaching management software project. In this dashboard all the data summary will be  given. This software for tuition centre is very well designed. If anyone looking for open source coaching institute management software ,then this article can help. We can also say this as accounting software for coaching classes . 

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